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Stem cells are fundamental, basic, or undifferentiated cell of a multi-cellular organism. They are capable of being transformed or grow into indefinitely manifold cells of the same type, and from which, other kinds of cell can be grown, by differentiation.  Stem cells are at the center of a new field of science called Regenerative Medicine.


After years of delayed returns, the sector seems set to fulfil its near promise. The cell therapy sector is currently engaged in over 1,900 clinical trials around the world. This includes more than 300 clinical trials being sponsored by approximately 250 companies developing commercial products for almost every imaginable disease or condition. The sector is soaking in more than $1bn of R&D investments annually.


In India, the sector is still nascent. Only a handful of companies are trying to develop cell therapy based products. Of these, Stempeutics is the most advanced, 8 products in clinical trials, in Phase I and II stages. These are in the area of Cardiology, Diabetes, Osteo-arthritis, Liver and Critical Limb Ischemia. Reliance Life has also invested significantly, and claims to have several research programs going on – cardiac, neural, spinal, burns & wounds, bone and cartilage disorders to name some.  

What are Stem Cells?  3
Types of Stem Cells and their Relative Merits  8
Status of Stem Cell R&D  16
Global Stem Cell Market Size  23
Leading Global Stem Cell Companies   30
Indian Stem Cell Companies  42
Deals in Stem Cell Space  45


  • Type of Stem Cells and Their Current Uses
  • Diseases Curable by Cord Blood Stem Cells
  • Diseases Curable by Adult Stem Cells
  • Global Pharma investing in Regenerative Med
  • Key therapeutic opportunities
  • Stem cell based new drug candidates the key focus
  • Over 100 cell therapy products in the market currently
  • Listed Cell Therapy Companies
  • Acquisitions and mergers in Regenerative Medicine
  • PE deals in Regenerative Medicine
  • Mesoblast Inc
  • Osiris Therapeutics Inc
  • Neuralstem, Inc.,
  • Pluristem Therapeutics Inc
  • Athersys, Inc.
  • NeoStem, Inc
  • Cytori Therapeutics, Inc
  • Fibrocell Science, Inc
  • TiGenix NV
  • Advanced Cell Technology
  • Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp
  • StemCells, Inc
  • Cytomedix, Inc
  • Organogenesis
  • Gamida
  • China Cord Blood Corporation
  • Cordlife Group
  • Reliance Lifesciences Pvt Ltd
  • Lifecell International Pvt Ltd
  • Stempeutics Research Pvt Ltd
  • OCT Therapies & Research Pvt Ltd