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Issue Date:20 December 2019     Price in Rs. R 7000    Price in USD. $ 100

Intech Organics Limited is a manufacturer of methyl bromide (MeBr) and aluminium phosphide (ALP), gases used for fumigation. Intech claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of MeBr. Production of MeBr is controlled under Montreal Protocol. In FY19, Intech acquired Agrosynth Chemicals Limited.


Intech is a subsidiary of Pest Kare (India) Private Limited (PIPL), a company focused on pest care and fumigation services for industrial customers.


Intech Organics was incorporated in 1999. The company has 5 directors: Navanshu Saharan, Divyanshu Saharan, Suman Yadav, Shrikant Madalageri and Satya Prakash Yadav


For the year ended Mar’19, Intech reported revenue of Rs 1.4B (~USD20m) and net profit of Rs 70m (USD 1m).


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