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Issue Date:Jul 22 2013 12:00AM     Price in Rs. R 25000    Price in USD. $ 500

India's dental market size is between Rs 50-60bn. There are around 125,000 practising dentists, of which 105K are registered with Indian Dental Association.

Dental spends in India are highly correlated with per capita income. This is indicated by the sharp difference in population per dentist. This varies from a low of around 1300 for Goa, India's most prosperous state, to over 65K for a poor state like Odisha.

The positive correlation with income means that dental spends will rise faster than GDP. Huge incidence of untreated disease is also a pointer towards the growth potential of dental services.

Perhaps attracted by the untapped potential, corporate chains have begun to emerge in dental services, some of which are VC funded.

The report presents key data on dental market in India, as also profiles of key companies in this space.

  • Market Size

  • Medical Data

  • Global Dental Data

  • Corporates in Global Dental business

  • Corporates in Indian Dental business

  • Dentist Population -Statewise
  • Population Per Dentist

  • Catchment versus Per Cap Income

  • Dentist population in key Indian cities

  • Dental Market Opportunity

  • Dental colleges statewise

  • Incidence of Dental Caries in India by age group


  • NH Dental
  • Vasan Dental Care
  • Axiss Dental
  • Total Dental Care
  • Singature Smiles
  • White Dental Care