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Zuventus Healthcare Ltd. (ZHL) was incorporated in 2002 as a public limited company through a Joint Venture between the promoters [Mr Prakash Kumar Guha (JMD), Mr C V Shetty, and Mr. S Balasubramaniam] and Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. The primary business of ZHL then was to market the products of its holding company, Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (EPL).

Subsequently, ZHL started selling its own brand of pharmaceutical products in the domestic market by outsourcing its manufacturing activities to the third party contract manufacturers either on Loan License (LL) basis or Principal to Principal (P2P) basis. ZHL then set up its own manufacturing plant at Jammu, in 2011 for manufacturing formulations. The plant at Jammu has an installed capacity of 36,000,000 nos. per annum for tablets, 1,800,000 kgs per annum for dry powder suspension and 15,300,000 nos. per annum for vials. Some of the major therapeutic (anti-infective, reparatory and nutritional) products manufactured at Jammu plant are C-TAX, Augtax, C-TRI, Monobact, SCUD and ZOSTUM in injections, CTAX-O drops and CTAX-O, ZOSTRUM and POLARES in tablets. These products were earlier outsourced completely from various vendors on a P2P basis.

Now ZHL is a part of Emcure Group which is vertically integrated with major thrust on manufacturing and marketing of formulations (own brands) as well as APIs, Contract Research and Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) and R&D activity. The group’s branded formulation business caters to the regulated as well as the semi regulated markets. The group has presence in most of the chronic therapeutic segments such as Cardiology, Nephrology, Anti-HIV, and Neurology and also has presence in acute segments such as Anti-infective, Pain Management, Dermatology, Gynecology and Pediatrics. Currently it employs more than 2500 people


Zuventus is driven by a team of professionals with exceptional performance record in previous assignments. Naturally there was no dearth of courage to set challenging goals and achieving them through conviction and confidence. What followed was slew of milestones, perhaps even beyond imagination of most, if not all pharma players:

  1. All India Launch with 400 field personnel (July, 2002).
  2. Fastest to cross Rs. 100 Cr., 200 Cr. and now even 600 Cr. Mark, as per ORG-IMS
  3. Entered various speciality divisions
  4. Gromaxx: 2005 – Gastroenterology & Respiratory
  5. Oncocare: 2008 – Oncology
  6. Odenea: 2010 – Pain Management
  7. Generia & Institutions: 2012 – To tap vast potential of generics, hospitals and institutions
  8. Few leader brands, as per ORG-IMS
    1. Augpen
    2. Maxtra
    3. Eslo                
    4. Bevon             
    5. Zostum
    6. Feronia
    7. Merotec
    8. Netromax                    
  9. Entered biotechnology space – Enoxarin, Eporise, Peglast.
  10. Joining hands with Sanofi Pasteur to enter vaccine segment – Verorab.
  11. Partnership with MNCs for exciting cutting edge products like Gutclear containing Lactilol from Dupont (Danisco) with technical support since past 4 years
  12. Soon to be launched Dupont (Danisco) probiotic Restore II under Zuventus own brand name Florestore
  13. Launching of ‘first time in India’ molecules with unique mode of action : Troxip (Troxipide), Lafaxid (Lafutidine), Seretra (Seretradrost).
  14. Entry into hitec area of sprays and pumps through association with globally renowned Aptar Pharma – a German devices company.
  15. Our own Formulation R&D starting October’12.
  16. Set-up another plant in Sikkim last year


Zuventus Healthcare was voted as India’s Emerging Healthcare Company of the Year 2013 & Prakash Guha (MD) was declared First Generation Entrepreneur Award at ILC 2013

Zuventus Healthcare won prestigious India’s Most Valuable Revolutionary Pharma Company Award at Pharmaleaders Power Brand 2014. India’s fastest growing Anti-Infectives Formulation Major & The Leader in branded formulation market was voted by the Network 7 Media Group Jury for sustained growth momentum, financial stability, corporate HR & the Breakthrough Innovations

Top 5 Brands

Bevon – Vitamins; Eslo - Calcium Antagonist; Feronia Xt - Anti-Anaemic Preparations; Zostum and Augpen - Systemic Anti-Bacterials


In the FY2016, it clocked the total revenue of nearly Rs. 612 crore with operating profit amounting to nearly Rs. 88 crore. Other income was Rs. 1.28 crore. With Interest and Depreciation at Rs. 1.23 crore and Rs. 5 crore respectively, PBT was nearly Rs. 83 crore. PAT was around Rs. 58 crore. Total debt in FY16 stood at less than Rs. 10 crore.

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Zuventus Healthcare Ltd.