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Issue Date:Sep 5 2016 12:00AM     Price in Rs. R 1    Price in USD. $ 1

Internet of Things or IoT is potentially a vast business opportunity. The era of connectivity it promises to bring a change to how human beings, urban communities and commercial enterprises live and function.


However, it is still a nascent phenomenon, particularly in India. This document puts together basic information from global and Indian info sources.


A recent Nasscom document pegs the current size of the Indian market at USD4B+. Thats a large size, and presumably includes which many global outfits prefer not to include in IoT.


However, India does appear to have  well over100 startups in this space. This number is rapidly swelling. However, no company has any scale yet. A breakout play has yet to emerge.

  • What is Internet of Things or IoT?
  • Market Segments
  • Size Estimates – a wide range of numbers going around
  • A summary chart – devices
  • A summary chart – Revenue estimates
  • Consensus insights
  • Segmental Growth Data (Verizon estimates)
  • IoT Technologies
  • IoT VC investments: Enterprise IoT now leading over consumer IoT
  • Large companies in IoT – what are they doing?
  • Emerging Companies in Industrial IoT solutions
  • VC backed companies in Industrial / enterprise IoT space – a few samples
  • Silver Spring Networks – A recent IPO, targets utilities and cities
  • IoT in India
  • IoT Demand Driver in India
  • Demand Potential for non-consumer market: rough numbers
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